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1. SUBJECT MATTER OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1.- Terms and Conditions specify the rules of service delivery, liability and stay on the hotel premises and constitute an integral part of the agreement which is executed by way of signing the registration card as well as by performing concluding actions and in particular by making reservation and/or making a deposit payment or a payment covering the full stay at the Hotel. By performing the actions referred to in the preceding sentence the Guest confirms that they have read and accepted Terms and Conditions. 2.- All the persons staying on the premises of IBB Recoletos Coco Salamanca will be bound by Terms and Conditions. 3.- In all the matters requiring assistance the Guests are invited to contact the Reception, extension: 2.- CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT 1.- Hotel rooms are rented based on the number of nights to be spent at the hotel 2.- Check-in time for Rooms is: 12.00 p.m. Check-Out time is 12.00 noon of the following day. 3.- The Guest should immediately inform the Hotel Staff about their desire to extend their stay at the Hotel beyond the period specified upon arrival. The Hotel shall grant the Guest´s wish to extend their stay subject to the availability of Rooms 4.- The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to extend the Customer´s stay at the Hotel, according to the Political Rules of the Hotel. 5.-If the Conditions specified in point 2, Sections 3 and 4 are not met, the Guests may delay their check-out time by paying the next fees: *Delaying check-out time to 02.00 p.m.: 50% for the price of one night *Delaying check-out time from 02.00 p.m.: 100 % for the price of one night 3.- RESERVATION AND CHECK-IN 1.- The Guest will do the check-in upon presenting a photo ID at the Reception and signing the registration card. This form is compulsory to all guests from 16 years old onwards, in reference to Spanish Law (O.M. 1922/2003 from 3rd July), which establishes the obligation to keep a Registration Book for Travellers in Hotels. 2.- The Hotel Guests cannot transfer the room to other people, even if the terms of the stay for which they paid have not expired. 3.-The Hotel may refuse to accommodate guests if there had been a serious breach of Terms and Conditions during their previous stay, especially if said breach involved damages to the Hotel, to other Guests´ belongings, or injuries to other Guests, members of the Hotel Staff or any other people staying at the Hotel. 4.-The Guest must present a Credit Card upon request from the Reception Department, in order to guarantee the payment of the contracted services or any extra services provided during his stay. 5.- In case of early departure on the date of the pre-established Check-Out, the Hotel will not make any kind of reimbursement over the total price of the stay. 4.-SERVICES AND ADDITIONAL SERVICES 1.-Hotel services are delivered in accordance with the Hotel category and standard. 2.-The Hotel is obliged to provide Guests with: *Conditions for comprehensive and undisturbed rest *Safe stay, including safety and secrecy of the Guest´s personal information (LPD) *Professional and polite service with respect to all the services available at the Hotel. *Room cleaning service and the necessary repairs of equipment during the Guest absence or in their presence, should the Guests wish so *Technically efficient service; in the event of failures or defects which cannot be removed at once, the Hotel shall do their best to move the Guest to a different Room, if possible, or remedy the inconvenience in any other way. 3.-Moreover, upon the Guest´s request, the Hotel may deliver the following services free of charge: *Providing travel or Hotel accommodation information. *Wake-up call service *Safekeeping money and valuables during the Guest´s stay at the Hotel, subject to Section of Terms and Conditions. *Luggage storage *Taxi service 4.- Guests staying at the hotel with children may be provided, upon request, with a baby cot with no additional charge. GUEST´S LIABILITY 1.- Children under 12 years should be under constant supervision of their legal guardians when staying on the Hotel premises. Legal guardians shall be financially liable for any damage to furnishings and technical equipment caused by children. 2.- The Hotel Guest shall bear full financial liability for all kinds of damage to or destruction of the Hotel furnishings and technical equipment caused by the guest, the persons visiting the Guest or the persons visiting the Guest´s Visitors. The Hotel reserves the right to credit the Guest´s credit card in order to pay for the damage caused by the Guest once they have left. The furnishings pricelist is in the Internal Policy of the Hotel. 3.-Should the provisions of Terms and conditions be breached, the Hotel may refuse to accommodate the person in breach of the mentioned provisions. Such a person is obliged to immediately comply with the Hotel´s demands, settle the amount due for the services to date, pay for the possible damage and leave the Hotel. The Hotel reserves the right to present a report to the Police. HOTEL´S LIABILITY 1.- The Hotel shall be liable for the loss or damage done to the property brought along by the people using the Hotel´s services within the scope specified in the provisions of the Spanish Civil Code. 2.- The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to accept for safekeeping in the Hotel depository things as high valuables, large sums of money, safety-threatening objects and bulky objects which are too large to be stored in the depository. 3.- The Hotel shall not be liable for the damage to or the loss of a Guest´s car or any other vehicle, the objects left in it as well as live animals, regardless of whether such vehicles are parked in the Hotel underground parking lot or in the parking lot in front of the Hotel. COMPLAINTS The Guests have the right to lodge complaints, if they notice any transgressions regarding the quality of service. All complaints must be reported to the Reception. Legal Complaint forms are available at Reception. The Management of IBB Recoletos Coco Salamanca

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